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Erasmus+ 2023: In-service training grants for teachers of German

The European Union awards thousands of grants across Europe for participation in training, but only schools and institutions can apply. However, many colleagues are not informed or unsure about how to apply for a grant in the Erasmus+ programme – that is what this page is for. Here you will find information on how to apply, how to apply and what in-service training is available for German teachers.

Application deadline 2023: Short Projects 23.02.2023 – Accreditation estimated autumn 2023

Since 2021 there will be a new possibilty for accreditation of schools and institutions. A successful accreditation will simplify the process of applying for grants for further training every year until 2027.

=> Information on the Commission’s call for proposals for the 2023 programme year

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Apply for training courses

Teachers can no longer apply for funding themselves. In the new programme period 2021 – 2027, funding applications can only be submitted by schools, educational institutions, associations and universities. This means that many individual training courses can be applied for at the same time for one institution.

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EU registration

The following steps must be taken for a successful application:

1) Inform your school or institute leadership about the opportunity to become accredited for annual scholarship benefits until 2027.
2) Make your leadership aware of the new opportunities.
3) Register your school/institution with the EU – we’ll show you how.

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Apply for accreditation

Deadline for new accreditation applications 2023: short-term projects 23.2.23 – accreditation autumn 2023
You can download the original 2021 application (for schools) in German as an example for your information here, the application will then be done completely online via the Erasmus+ application portal. You can also download helpful tips and information sheets on how to apply here:

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