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Erasmus+ – how can I apply for a scholarship?

Erasmus+ – how can I apply for a grant for in-service trainings for teachers?

CURRENT: Deadline for applications for short projects: 23.02.2023

Application tool of the EU Commission:

Information from the German National Agency for Adult Education

Information on the accreditation of institutions

Information on applying for short-term projects

Teachers cannot submit applications for funding any more. In the new programming period 2021 – 2027 grant applications must be done by schools, educational institutions , associations , institutions, but not by individuals. A positive change is that you can visit more than one training in one year or in two years. Schools can apply for a grant directly in one apllication for a not limited number of teachers, even if they go to different countries at different trainings – take advantage of these new opportunities now.

There is only one Europe-wide application deadline every year (maybe a second one in autumn 2023):

The deadline for 2023 is 23.02.2023 for short-term projects and estimated autumn 2023 for accreditation of institutions

Up to this date, your school or educational institution must have completely submitted the application. Applications must be submitted online to the National Agency of your home country. For an overview of all the agencies look here:

Eligible applicants are schools and educational institutions from the 28 EU member states plus Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Turkey, Switzerland and Macedonia .

The following steps must be performed for a successful application:

1) Please inform your school or institute management about the new situation that only the management can apply for training grants for the teaching staff.

2) Clarify and illustrate the new opportunities for an advancement of your school. With only one application which can be used for 1 – 2 years funds can be requested for trainings for a lot of teachers. The school benefits not only from the expertise of continuing education of the staff, they will receive also for the organizational efforts a part of the requested funding money from the EU.:

3) A person in charge of the application institution that wishes to apply for grants for training must create a personal account for the European databases (ECAS) – it is only name and e-mail address required. Access can be set up here::

Instructions can be found here:

4) You will get a username and a password and so you can enter the protected area of the Erasmus+ Portal for organizations by using the following website and click on the button “Register my Organisation”:

A page with explanations on the registration of organisations opens with a search field where you enter the name of your organisation to check whether the organisation is already registered. If no registration exists, a field with a button opens further down which, when clicked, takes you to the registration page for organisations.
You will then automatically routed to your custom protected side of the Participant Portal. There you can register your organization by the top left of the navigation on the “My Area / My Organization” and click on the next page down, then click the button “Continue Registration”. The following statistics on the school / institution must be entered to register your school / organization – here you will find instructions on how to register your school/organisation with ORS, which will give you a unique individual identifier (OID) at the end::

You must scan two originals (legal form and bank details) and upload as PDF. Therefore before starting the registration you should download, fill out and scan these two templates:

Download template legal form of the school in the local language:

Download template bank form of the school in the local language:

At the end of the successful registration of the school or institution a distinctive OID for this organization is awarded (Organisation Identification Code), which must be specified in any future application of the organization in the EU.

After completion of the registration your school will appear in the list “My organization”. Click “edit data organization” on there – then you will see the data you have entered and you can top left switch to the tab “documents”, where you can then upload the scanned PDF documents on the legal status and the bank details of your school.

This allows you or your school now to apply for training grants from your National Agency. Applications will be translated by the National Agencies in the national language, but it is not clear when they will be available in the local language on the webiste of the Agency – we will inform you.

Information sheets for a succesful application

We provide you here with some helpful information about your application.

As before, the grants include a subsidy for travel costs, accommodation costs with board and lodging, course fees and also a lump sum for organisational costs of the school. The school receives the complete funding for all requested training measures for 6 – 18 months, depending on the application submitted, and then pays its staff the required funding. When applying, you do NOT yet need to indicate all the institutions to which the teachers are to travel for in-service training, but one institution should already be indicated if possible.

In order to submit a successful application, the school or institution must, among other things, submit a European Development Plan justifying how and why the planned in-service training activities will help the school to improve its teaching and, if possible, to bring an enhanced European perspective into the classroom.

Of course, you can look directly at the IIK pages by training and educational programs for teachers of German as a foreign language:

You can also register already for all trainings of IIK Dusseldorf, but do not need to make any payments and you can pay the course fees and accommodation fees only if you or your school have actually received a scholarship.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Antje Krüger, director of the training area at IIK Dusseldorf. She will be happy to provide individual support for all questions relating to our trainings and Erasmus +please use our contact form.